I wrote this short book for the people in Atlanta who want to get the most out of life and are seeking to attain optimum wellness. I will share my experiences and my resources with you so that you can explore wellness on your own terms. Wellness is a journey; it is not a destination. Consider me as your guide on your journey to wellness.

Exploring the Atlanta Wellness Ecosystem:  Your Guide to Finding the Resources you Need in Atlanta to Enjoy Holistic Wellness contains my lessons and discoveries along my personal journey for wellness. My goal is to help others find wellness and the resources they need to reach their best state of wellness.

I wrote this book for you if…

  • You live in Atlanta and support local businesses.
  • You care about personal wellness.
  • You are a seeker of truth, wellness, freedom, and impact.
  • You want a better life for yourself and your loved ones.
  • You truly believe you can make the world a better place…and you want to.
  • You are looking for local wellness resources to help you with your personal journey.

Fair warning, if you are not willing to invest time and energy in your personal development or wellness, you can stop reading here. This book is for those who are willing to invest time and energy in improving their personal wellness.

I welcome your feedback and recommendations on local businesses we can feature in future editions of this book.

You can reach out to me directly if you know any businesses that deserve to be mentioned in my next edition of this book. My contact details are:

Telephone:  +1 (678) 744-5892

Email:  pete@digitalgrowthatl.com

Atlanta Wellness Ecosystem - Pete Kane - Cover - 18 by 27