Learn & Earn Apprenticeship Program

Welcome to our Learn & Earn Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) for aspiring entrepreneurs.  We designed LEAP to provide students with an entry-level opportunity and a chance to learn valuable business skills while you are earning money.

LEAP is a paid apprenticeship program designed to teach you practical business and leadership skills in the following areas:

  • Systems and Processes
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business Strategy
  • Communication
  • Leadership

 Students will participate in a business apprentice program. They will learn and apply their skills in the real world of business.  

Here is how LEAP works...

  1. You complete our initial three hour training.
  2. You apply for a spot in the program.
  3. We review your application and let you know within 48 hours.
  4. Successful applicants will receive additional paid training as part of our 90 day program.
  5. Successful applicants will be well compensated for the time they commit to the program.  We are flexible with when you work.  We are looking for candidates who are capable of putting in an average of between 10 and 20 hours per week.
  6. Successful applicants who complete our 90 day program will receive a certificate and a graduation bonus.
  7. Our top candidates will be given ongoing positions within the company after they complete the 90 day program.

Access the initial "Learn & Earn Apprenticeship Program" training