Atlanta Wellness Ecosystem

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Join us as we interview Atlanta-based wellness experts.  Learn how you can implement and improve one dimension of wellness at a time.  Our experts will share their practical tips on wellness in one of these core areas: emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, environmental, financial, spiritual, social, or habitual. We created this podcast as a resource for anyone who is looking to integrate the Nine Elements of Holistic Wellness (NEHW) into their daily lives.

Our podcast is free to enjoy.  We ask that you register so that we can track our show's reach.

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We created the Atlanta Wellness Ecosystem Digital Magazine in order to share wellness content with our network.  We will explore experts in the Atlanta Wellness Ecosystem as they share their insights into how you can implement wellness into your daily lives.

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Join Pete Kane, founder of Digital Growth ATL on Friday's at 9 AM Eastern Time for Open Virtual Coffee on Zoom.

Anyone can drop in. Show up when you can -> Leave when you have to...

You are NOT obligated to stay for the entire time.

Sometimes there's no one there, sometimes one person, sometimes three or four.

Open Virtual Coffee allows Pete to never have to say "no, I don't have time to meet" or even "why should we meet?" Anyone who approaches him or who is introduced, we can invite to the Open Virtual Coffee, get to know them and explore if we need to talk more without swamping one another's calendar.

Pete's favorite topics for discussion are writing books, hosting podcasts, building mastermind groups, and networking with intention.

Thank you for registering to have a Friday coffee with Pete!