Cash Flow Optimization Program

Making Maximum Money in your business is as "Easy as PIE"

Cash flow issues are the single largest contributor to businesses that fail.  In our monthly meeting, we will help entrepreneurs address three core components of cash flow.  For each core component, we have three projects that you will want to implement.  The three core components are as easy as "PIE."

  • Prioritizing Profits - business budget, meaningful metrics, and a dynamic dashboard.
  • Increasing Income - educational entertainment, recurring revenue, and strategic sales.
  • Eliminating Expenses - incremental improvements, natural negotiation, and optimized operations.

Yes, that is a lot of alliteration, but we wanted it to be easy to remember. 

We meet for 2 hours every month in a mastermind setting.  Participants will share ideas, insights, challenges, and solutions.  

Join us for as long as you like or leave if you don't find the sessions valuable...there is no commitment other than to apply what you learn in your business.

You will have access to our materials and our content archive as long as you are an active member.  Should you leave the program, your access will expire.

Get a special $27 trial price for the first month.  Membership renews at $247 per month.

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