Digital Business Guide

A digital publication highlighting business solutions for businesses

Are you a business that serves local businesses?

We are putting together a Digital Business Guide focused on the businesses that serve other businesses.  The guide will showcase solutions that local businesses need in order to run their businesses better.  

Would you like to be one of twelve companies featured? 

To be featured, you would need to submit an article (500 to 800 words) and a full page advertisement.  We will also need a high resolution photo of you for your version of the cover.  

To be clear, this is a networking tool and a way to add value to local businesses.  We will feature complimentary businesses that also serve local businesses in your area.  We can all add value to local businesses by sharing solutions beyond what we do.  The value you get out of the digital business guide will depend entirely on how many hands you personally put it in.    

This is not a marketing tool, it is not about reach or circulation, it is about serving those we work closely with.  This will be your digital business guide.  You will own it and can share on as many platforms as you like, including Social Media.

If that makes sense to you, go ahead and sign up.  If you are looking for a marketing play that passively brings you leads, this is not for you!

In this short video (12:56), I share my thoughts on how we are all part of a business ecosystem. If we understand our place in the ecosystem, we can get better results from our networking. Do you know who you need in your network to grow your business? Do you know what value you can offer to them? To your clients?  The goal of the Digital Business Guide is to build your ecosystem and to promote one another.  If you believe that networking works, our Digital Business Guide is a great tool!

Watch "The River of Business" here

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