Experts in the Art and Science of 'Client Getting'

Program Agenda:  

  • We meet online once a week
  • Guests are welcome
  • Bring a friend or colleague
  • First four sessions are free
  • Play full on
  • Do the homework before coming to the sessions
  • Public LinkedIn group for ongoing networking and sharing

Week 1 – determine which categories are most relevant to your business? Understand the significance of Key Strategic Partners.

Week 2 - Who do you already know, like and trust that would be a great Key Strategic Partner? Start building your Key Strategic Partner Plan.

Week 3 - Reach out to your network to engage with them. Start building authentic relationships.

Week 4 - Fill in any blanks through deliberate networking. Learn how to deliberately cultivate your Key Strategic Partner Network.

Month 2 and beyond Optimize your network through ongoing contact.


Annual Clientology™ Membership $1,200*

WAIT? Do I get a discount for paying in full or at least get a couple of months free?

We assume that you are joining us to discover how to make more money, not save money.  Are we right?

We do not offer a discount.  Simply put, when you commit to us, we commit to you.

When you take the ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP OPTION during this launch period, you will receive this INCREDIBLE BONUS...


Put this valuable consultation in your back pocket for when you need it most - it's valid for a full 12 months.

Use it to get specific help applying what you are about to learn in Clientology in your own business. OR put our brainpower to work on your most vexing business challenges.  How you use your private consultation is entirely up to you. We look forward to seeing what challenge you bring us!

*Founder pricing is available up to April 30, 2022.  After that, prices will go up.

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