Pillar Networking

Be a Pillar in your business community

Program Agenda:  

  • We meet online once a week
  • Guests are welcome
  • First four sessions are free
  • Bring a friend or colleague
  • Play full on
  • Do the homework before coming to the sessions
  • Public LinkedIn group for ongoing networking and sharing

Week 1 – determine which categories are most relevant to your business? Understand the significance of Key Strategic Partners.

Week 2 - Who do you already know, like and trust that would be a great Key Strategic Partner? Start building your Key Strategic Partner Plan.

Week 3 - Reach out to your network to engage with them. Start building authentic relationships.

Week 4 - Fill in any blanks through deliberate networking. Learn how to deliberately cultivate your Key Strategic Partner Network.

Month 2 and beyond Optimize your network through ongoing contact.

Pillar Networking - 4400 by 1600
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