Promotional Podcasting

A complete done for you podcast with 12 published episodes

If you don't know where to start, we have a complete done for you system.  I have engaged the help of The8Rings Media Group.  Their team of qualified professionals will do everything for you, including the interviews.  This is a fast way to grow your network quickly.

For a full season of 12 episodes (Interviews of 20-30min) the total cost is $23,750 USD.

Here is what the client will be receiving from Promotional Podcasting with The8Rings Media Group:

Phase 1: Podcast Build Out

  • Podcast buildout onto 40+ internet based platforms via
  • Podcast Logo creation with images for all 40+ platforms that require different sizes of banners, square thumbnails and sizing for different platforms (9 in total)

Phase 2: Administrative & Social Media Support

  • Guest media kit organization
  • Guest scheduling 
  • Guest correspondences (pre-interview, updates, and posts after interview)
  • Social media publishing (for each episode with thumbnails and post sizing)
  • Logistics and coordinating (of guests and the 7 member podcast team)
  • Recording retrieval for podcast editing, post-production & broadcast
  • Zoom storage monitoring
  • Transcription of recordings for hand off to web team for posting to client website

Phase 3: Podcast Interviews, Recording, Post-production Clean up & Music

  • Intro/Outro music & voice-over production & addition to each episode
  • Interviewing client & producing 12 episodes of 20-25 minutes each
  • Posting each produced audio to Podbean with show notes and media kit of guests.

Phase 4: Transcription of Interviews, Show Notes & Episode uploads to Your Website

Includes image design of header with show title, guest headshots and podcast logo.

  • Header Canva image, publishing the transcript file, episode audio embed from Podbean, generated show notes, linking, any legal text that we need to add
  • Any correspondence needed with Podcasting team.
  • Complete set up of each podcast episode on your website.
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