Clientology: The Art and Science of Client Getting ebook

Do You Know How to Attract a Steady Stream of Dream Clients Without Getting Any Better at Marketing or Sales?


I wrote this short book for the business owner who has been struggling with their growth efforts during these turbulent times. I want to let you know that you are not alone. I understand if you think these words sound hollow at this moment, but it is my sincere intention and commitment to guide you during this interesting chapter in your life.

I know 2020 was a challenge for most of us. We are facing an unprecedented blend of opportunities and stresses from a multitude of directions. We have never felt more uncertain about the future viability of our businesses. Uncertainty can be crippling in a business...what do we do next? Is now the right time to act? Or do we wait and see?

Uncertainty can immobilize our ability to make decisions. I know your emotions may be all over the place and your stress levels higher than ever. Our team members and customers depend on us now more than ever. I applaud you and I want you to know that you have made a smart decision to read this book. In the hour or so it should take you to read, my goal is to answer some questions you have, provide insights into your concerns, and give you sound advice on how to optimize Client Getting in your business.

“Clientology™:  The Art and Science of Client Getting:  Do You Know How to Attract a Steady Stream of Dream Clients Without Getting Any Better at Marketing or Sales?” contains my best business advice for making smart decisions and attracting Dream Clients.

“Clientology™:  The Art and Science of Client Getting:  Do You Know How to Attract a Steady Stream of Dream Clients Without Getting Any Better at Marketing or Sales?” is for you if…

  • You have ever worried about paying your business bills.
  • You believe in the power of helpful information from an experienced resource.
  • You want to maintain control of your business.
  • You understand your situation is unique and your path may be different from other businesses.
  • You are looking for a trusted and experienced confidant to guide and help you.
  • Your business depends on reputation or word of mouth to be found by potential clients.
  • You have room to grow and the desire to do so.

I firmly believe that the fastest and best way to grow a business is through the intentional building of authentic business relationships. Relationships are the most important first step. Once you have an authentic relationship, business deals will follow.

In all honestly, the most fundamental thing you need to consider is whether you also believe that authentic relationships in business are important. If you do not, you will not enjoy this book and you will find the lessons contained herein to be frustrating and counter intuitive.

However, I promise you, if you also believe in the power of building authentic relationships in business, you will find some great insights in this book.

My typical clients are professionals or local business experts who serve other businesses (B2B). They can range from coaches, consultants, bankers, accountants, insurance agents, marketing experts, software providers, lawyers, or heads of associations or other business groups.

Sales managers benefit from applying the Clientology™ principles with their sales teams.

Please read on if you are one of these businesses that serve other businesses.

Fair warning, if you are not willing to invest in your business or you are not looking to grow your business, you can stop reading here. This book is for those who are willing to invest in their business and want to grow.

I believe that the reason this book is important is it helps people who care deeply about their clients help more people.

To be clear, this book is not for the people who are transactional, who are just looking to get the next lead or prospect. If you use terms like lead generation, paid traffic, or cost per click, this book is not for you.

This book is for you if…

  • You are a pillar of your community.
  • People know you, like you, trust you, and they bring their friends to you.
  • You enjoy being the local expert that people come to for advice.

What I am assuming of you as a potential reader is that you love what you do AND you have a real business. What I mean by real business is that you have or are building a team, the business can somewhat function with or without you, maybe there are a few growing pains. But at the end of the day, if you take a vacation, the business does not stop.

If your business stops when you go on vacation, the worst thing I can do for you is help you get more clients. What I need to do is help you get better clients. And you also need to look at systems, processes, things like that. That is a different book and a different conversation.

The goal here is you are either a leader, owner, manager, entrepreneur of a business, you have a team, and you are looking to grow and scale that business further.

How to attract a steady stream of Dream Clients without getting any better at marketing or sales
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