Clientology Mastermind

Clientology Mastermind Outcomes:  Identify and focus on your top 1% activities to work less and earn more

  • Clarity on your Dream Client to grow faster and add more value
  • Develop Your Signature System to improve results and work less
  • Build your Key Strategic Partner Plan to fine tune your growth
  • Publish your AUTHORity Book to add more value and serve more
  • Launch your Influential Interviews to share your knowledge
  • Launch your Meaningful Masterminds to build authentic relationships
  • Create a plan to scale your business by eliminating time wasted
  • Create a technology stack to automate
  • Build a team to delegate

Clientology Mastermind Logistics

  • Month 1 – Ready…Preparing for a Steady Stream of Dream Clients, Creating Your Signature System, and Building Your Key Strategic Partner Plan
  • Month 2 – Publishing your AUTHORity Book
  • Month 3 – Launching your Influential Interviews
  • Month 4 – Hosting your Meaningful Masterminds
  • Month 5 – Preparing to Scale
  • Month 6 – Implementing Technology
  • Month 7 – Building Your Team
  • Month 8 – Optimizing your AUTHORity Book
  • Month 9 – Optimizing your Influential Interviews
  • Month 10 – Optimizing your Meaningful Masterminds
  • Month 11 – Implementing Systems to Scale
  • Month 12 – Optimizing Technology and Team

We meet on Zoom twice a month for two hours.  Learning is through videos and manuals.  We accelerate learning and implementation through the mastermind setting.

Investment Options:

  • Pay Month to Month - USD 1,000.00 per month.
  • Pay in two equal installments of USD 6,000.00 (one today and the other in 30 days). Special bonus:  one-hour Strategy Session ($2,500.00 value).
  • Pay in full - one payment of USD 12,000.00.  Special bonus:  two one-hour Strategy Sessions ($5,000.00 value).
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Pricing options