Alberta Professional Networking Group

We created the Alberta Professional Networking Group to bring together the coaches, consultants, and experts who serve other businesses in Alberta. This is a curated group to bring Go-Givers together in Alberta.

Join us on Friday's from 12:00 to 1:00 PM Mountain Time for Open Virtual Lunch on Zoom. We start on time and end on time.

We have a core group that attends regularly and we have visitors who attend when they can.

Open Virtual Lunch is meant to allow us all to leverage our networking time and win together. I win because I make new business contacts. YOu win because you make new business contacts. We all win by bringing like-minded people together.

Open Virtual Lunch means that I never have to say "no, I don't have time to meet" or even "why should we meet?" Anyone who approaches me or who is introduced to me is invited to the Open Virtual Lunch. This allows us to get to know one another and explore if we need to talk more without swamping one another's calendar.

Our favorite topics for discussion are building a business, writing books, hosting podcasts, building mastermind groups, and networking with intention. 

Thank you for registering to have a virtual lunch with us!

The first session is free, you do not have to sign up to gain access to your first session.

We offer five options for membership:  

  1. Month to Month Basic Membership: This allows you to test the waters and see if you want to join us full on. The month to month option includes membership access to our private online community and the weekly calls.
  2. Full Year Prepaid Basic Membership: There is no discount to prepay.  However, if you commit fully to us, we commit fully to you. We will give you two one-hour strategy sessions (total $1,000 value). You can use these strategy sessions whenever you like in the 12 months.

  3. Month to Month Silver Membership: Our silver membership includes unlimited access to our weekly recorded trainings. We share at least one valuable networking lesson per week via recorded content. The focus will be on immediately actionable tips that you can leverage today to grow your business network.

  4. Month to Month Gold Membership: Our gold membership includes everything in our basic and silver memberships. We include weekly live Q&A calls that are exclusively for our Gold Members. Gold members also receive two complementary strategy sessions per year.

  5. Month to Month Elite Membership: This is by invitation-only. We offer this exclusively for our best clients who are serious about getting great results in their business. This is a mastermind program to share ideas and implement changes. We focus on massive action, building authentic relationships, and growing your business through referrals.

Which option feels like the best fit for you at this time?

Alberta Professional Networking Group
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