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You have been nominated to be represented in a compilation publication. We truly mean it that to be nominated is a huge honor.  To be clear, it is an honor that someone thought enough of you to nominate you.  We are honored that someone else thought you should be recognized using our format.

We will feature inspiring women in every publication of our Australian Wellness Network Magazine.  Some months we will feature only a couple, other months we will feature a lot. It all depends on our audience engagement and submissions.

There is no cost to participate in the magazine and no compensation for being in the magazine. Participants are welcome to purchase and share copies of the physical magazine on Amazon.  There is no requirement to purchase copies to be included.  

Our goal is to create an article series that we can use to introduce great women in business in Australia to one another.

Join us as we promote the female founders and leaders of businesses of all sizes. We want to share their stories to inspire others to follow in their entrepreneurial foot steps.

Our co-authors will share their wins and challenges along the way to becoming entrepreneurs and business owners.

We created our magazines as a resource for anyone who is looking to support female lead businesses in a meaningful way.

Our first magazine will be published by the end of April.  Anyone who wants to be included MUST have this form completed and submitted on or before April 15, 2023.


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Who has inspired you the most in life? Why?


Who has inspired you the most in business? Why?


What is your next goal that has you excited? Why is that important to you?


What is the best advice you have ever received and how did it impact you?


What advice would you share with other female leaders and entrepreneurs?


What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?


What are you passionate about in life?


What are three actionable tips our readers can implement to support women in business today?


Where do your Dream Clients reside geographically?

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For example, global, Australia-wide, State of Victoria, Melbourne or something like that.


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Is there anyone you would like to nominate to be included in one of our "100 Inspiring Women" projects?

We believe in the concept of pay it forward.  Is there an Australian woman who inspired you? 

Would you like to nominate them to receive a printable certificate and recognition? Please take five minutes to complete this short form.

Nominate a woman in Australia who has inspired you

Your nominations help us recognize women in Australia who are inspiring in some way to others.  We also invite our nominations to participate in our complementary online community of Inspiring Women.